Starting at $43/month

Designed for students of all skill levels

Opportunity to perform in a world class theatre

Introduces different mainstream dance styles

Focuses on co-ordination and rhythm

Provides a great way to get fit and have fun

Improves self-confidence and presentation


Tiny Tots

This class is offered to those little tiny tots aged 2-3. This is an energetic class, which focuses on balance, rhythm and movement. Children learn to use their space creatively. This program is designed to introduce a young child to dance basics and begin to develop in them a love of dance and an appreciation for music.

Creative Concepts

This class is offered to ages 3-4. It's a class where children use their space creatively and are able to interpret music through the art of dance. Basic jazz technique is taught in this class as well as rhythm and flexibility.


Classes include warm-up, down the floor progressions and combinations in jazz and lyrical styles.

Ages 4 and up



Classical, Funk and Hoof'n styles are covered with particular stress put on the quality of sound, technique and stylized movement.

Ages 4 and up

Classical Ballet (Vaganova)

The most elementary and important of all dance instruction, consists of barre work, center practice, adage and allegro as well as pointe work for the major students. Qualified students are entered into Children's and Major Examinations.

Ages 4 and up


This class is a jazz based class which involves story telling.  Lyrical comes from the word "lyric".  Lyrical is an interpretive dance form often portrayed in a softer style.



A "fun" high energy dance form that has its roots in jazz. Learn this urban street dancing popularized in dance music videos.

Ages 4 and up


Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet.


Acro-Jazz is a jazz based class which incorporates acrobatic skills, such as cartwheels, walk-over, handstands, aerials etc.  Mats are included for the safety of our dancers.

Ages 4 and up



A fun upbeat class focusing on balance, music, rhythm and movement for toddlers age 12 - 24months. With Action songs and beginning steps dance moves, toddlers use their space creatively. It is a 30 minute class per week for parent and tot.